About Us

Why copper? Most people ask. We say, why not?

Copper is one of the oldest metal on earth. In earlier days, jewelries and accessories were made from copper. Its malleability and strength are the reasons why there are so many uses of copper. Even its healing properties have been known all throughout ages. And that’s only the beginning of our story.

At Copperazo, we craft and manufacture hand-made fashion accessories made from copper, semi-precious stones, leather, beads and other recyclable materials. Our story is not your typical hobby-born business. It is out of love for others and resiliency that made our pieces unique.

Coined from the words “copper” and the Filipino word “kapiraso”, Copperazo is not your typical hand-crafted trinkets. Like life lessons we learned from the past five years, making one Copperazo piece needs not only hard-work, talent and skills, but important traits like flexibility and control. We always say, when we wrap the wires, which needs the right force (not too tight, not too lose,) it is like life itself, you have the mix of right emotions and the proper ideals.

Majority of our products are made by local crafters, grounded artists and survivors of calamities. Their passion and will to help their families and communities are evident in the craftsmanship, and beauty of each Copperazo pieces. Our story is ever evolving as we continue to look for more artisans and communities that share our values and love for community and country.
Our #WearableArt and non-fashion products are sold online via Facebook and our website, bazaars, fairs, corporate and special events.